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How I Apply Nail Polish On Nails |Painting Nails Tips and Tricks

Get the painting your nails information in this article, here you get the amazing nail-painting tips for the best DIY manicure. If you are searching for the same thing so don’t worry, here we solve your queries. If you try to paint art, maybe it becomes funny but practice makes women perfect, so always try it and succeed in it. Here you know the whole details about how I apply nail polish on nails and painting nails tips and tricks.

We have many years of experience in this field, so we share it with you, using these tips you can learn how to paint your nails at home and no matter if you have this area I have many years of experience. Here we guide you and do our best not to repeat those silly mistakes. Which we used to use in our early or unprofessional times.

How to Apply Nail Polish Professionally on Nails

  1. Firstly Remove Your Old Nail Paint

You must need to remove old nail paint from your nails. You can use nail polish remover for it.

How you can apply the nail polish remover on your nails in a proper way:

Take a cotton swab over the nail paint remover, then drop a few drops on cotton or you can cover the cotton swab on the top opening point of the bottle. Then slightly down the bottle and wait for a few mins then you feel that it becomes saturated with the nail polish remover. Rub the cotton over your nails and repeat it until all the old nail paint is removed properly.

  1. Nail Trimming or File your Nails with the help of Filer

After removing the old nail paint, so you can easily see the nails shape and condition, then you have needed you to give the good looking, stylish shape to your nails, file, or trim your nails and smooth your nails with the help of a filer.

  1. Time to Cleanser Your Hand

After clipping or filing your nails, time to relax your nails, and feel pampered yourself. Take a bowl and fill with warm water and clean them slowly by the cleanser. After few mins remove your hand from the bowl and dry them

  1. Moisturize your cuticle and hand

After cleaning your hands and nails, time to moisturize your skin, it softens the edges of your hands and nails. Make your selection according to body lotion or branded cream. Put an essay on your hand slowly or you can also use almond oil.

  1. Remove the Lotion, Cream release oil and grease from your nails

Take a cotton ball and rub on your nails and remove lotion release oil from your nails. This process makes your nail oil-free and does ready for nail polish professionally.

  1. Now Apply White Glue On your Nails

Before applying the nail paint on your nails, apply white glue, it protects your skin from the nail polish. For this, take a cotton ball and drop some glue on a cotton ball, then apply it on your nails and edge of all your fingernails. And wait until the glue dry.

  1. Hold back to clean your nail clean line.

As you improve the painting of your nails, you may have fewer incorrect nail cleanses to remove from your skin. Instead of applying a small layer of oil jelly or a white school stick, you can decide to clean your nail clean lines after wrapping your clean and topcoat. You can use your clean line with an old cosmetics brush and nail clean remover. This strategy requires a consistent rehearsal and persistence.

  1. Apply First Coat of nail paint on your nails and remain until dry

According to your search or queries it is the solution to your, how to apply nail paint on nails or how to apply nail polish properly, how to put on gel nail polish, how to apply nail polish designs, and painting nails tips and tricks, etc. Now you just apply the first coat of paint on your nails and wait for it dry.

  1. Same Apply the Second /Third Coat of Nail paint 

Your first coat dries, decide whether you have to include a second layer of clean. On the off chance that your clean is sheer, you might need to include at least two coats; If your nail paint is dark, you will not have to include the second and/or third coat. When the main layer of the nail polish has dried, apply the second layer of clean, whenever wanted.


In this Article you know how to apply How I Apply Nail Polish On Nails & Painting Nails Tips and Tricks,If you have any queries or suggestions so feel free to share with us in the comment section.


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